Technical patch №4


New features:
1. New detailed characteristics have been added to the unit information screen. 
Now you are able to see how achieveing levels and reseaching unit enhancements affects unit's characteristics.

2. Following missions have been reworked and updated:
- Air-raid warning
- Operation Lightfoot
- Stalingrad
- Dora
- Safe passage
- D-Day
- Battle of Kursk
- Photo hunt
- Breath of Freedom

Fixed issues:
1) Corrected the display of heatlh/armor characteristic on the globe.
2) Fixed and issue due to which "Hold fire" order on the command panel did not work correctly when used on infantry hiding in trenches.
3) Fixed the display of save complete message when the game is on pause.
4) Display of units' fire range had been fixed. Previously it could have go over the minimap's borders.
5) Closing the chat while gathering up your Attack Group is now working correctly.
6) Characteristics affected by commander's bonuses are now displayed the way they should be displayed.
7) Fixed a matchmaking issue in PvP modes.
8) Now the reserve panel won't close up when the unit you called in arrives to the battlefield.
9) Fixed most of the mobile fortifications animations.
10) Fixed several issues in workshop enhancements.
11) Fixed the issue which prevented AI in Base Assault from attacking a group of mobile fortifications with howitzer salvo.
12) Now you are able to leave the maintenance works screen without any problems through clicking on the cross on that screen.